Create New Web-Service

To create a new web service click on the plus button as shown here in Project Explorer.

This will pop up a menu with three options as shown below.

Here click on the Web-service option. This will present you with a dialog in which you will be able to build your web-service.

Here you have to enter title of Web-service, filename and if the Web-service is returning any value then select the type of value being returned. You can enter a detailed Description for your future reference here as needed.

Many Web-service require some information from user and this can be defined as parameters in the Web-service dialog.

Check this image.

As you can see here you can define all the parameters that are required for a Web-service to work. These parameter’s type is set as In and all the values that are going to be returned from Web-service should be set as type Out.

Once this part is set you now need to define or add actions the your Web-service will perform.

See the image below showing a sample of actions defined for a Web-service.

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