Action Wizard

Action Wizard is the way to apply business rules in an applicatin. This means that a developer can build required business rules but just point and click without writing a single line of code.

To add an Action got to Action tab in the Description dialog of Page or Control. Then click on the event to which you want to attach action and then click on the green Plus sign button located on top right side of the dialog.

This will open a dialog as shown below.

Below follows basic explanations of each Group and the actions in them.

Definition Group

Definition Group allows developer to define Variables, Assign values, etc.

UI Group

UI Group allows developer to show messages dialogs, set focus to controls, open web page, etc.

Actions Group

Actions Group is the most important group. Use this group actions to Exchange data between Forms, Tables, Arrays, Web-service, etc., Upload image, Reload Lists like Select list, etc.

Condition & Loop

Condition & Loop group allows If condition, run For and While Loops, Break from loops, Show confirmation message to user for performing a particular action, etc.


Database group allows user to Execute queries, return results of Web-service, Execute stored procedures in database, etc.

Data Table

Data Table group allows user to manage data table like reload table, Fetch a row value, Delete a row, etc.

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