Login Process

When you start ZenDevX you will have to login to your account.

Enter your login name (email) and password here. If you do not want to enter these details every time you start ZenDevX then Check the Remember me check box.

If do not remember your password click on the link Forgot password. This will present you with following:

Here enter your User name (email) and click on Get OTP button.

If the entered User name is found in our database you will receive an email with an OTP that you have to enter in the next screen as show here

Enter the OTP you received in your email and then enter new password. Here please remember to set a password which is strong and at the same time easy for you to remember.

Re-enter your password in Confirm Password. Now click on Change button to reset your password.

My Profile

You can access your profile in ZenDevX Design Studio by clicking on your name at top right.

This will open a menu from which you click on My Profile to open your profile.

You can edit your profile information in My Profile screen as shown below:

One can make all the changes necessary like Full Name, Nick Name, etc.

To change your profile image/picture click on the image/picture and in the resulting dialog box select an image you want.


To logout in ZenDevX Design Studio click on your name at top right. This will open a menu in which you should click on Logout.

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