FOR... Loop

Many a times there is a requirement for executing a set of Actions repeatedly for a fix number of time, for such situation use the FOR... Loop.

This action has three sub parts.

  1. Define the Variable that will be used in the Loop and the initial value the variable will start with.

  2. Next set the duration or number of times the loop will continue this can be base on Fixed value or Value of Variable.

  3. Finally set the Increment step or Decrement step. If one needs to perform loop from low value to high value then use Increment step which is by default set to 1 unless one has specific requirements to jump count by more than 1. In the same if one needs to execute loop from high value to low value then use Decrement.

Once the Condition check part is set click on next button to go to the next step where one needs to add all the actions that needs to be performed repeatedly in the loop.

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