Project Explorer

To the far right of the Dashboard is located the Project Explorer. You can access various elements of your project from here.

Project Explorer contains 3 tabs to access:


Shows all the pages of the Project. Here you can create Folders and move pages in them.

Please note here that all folders will show up in your Navigation Menu in your web application.

Any page that is in any Folder will show as Menu Items in your Navigation Menu.

So, if you do not want to show a page in the Navigation Menu keep that page in the <Root> folder.

This behavior is by design so that a developer does not have to spend precious time building a navigation menu manually


All the web services created either manually or automatically will be shown here.

You can create folders here also and group your web services as per your preference.


Queries are per-organized into folders:





So depending on the type of Query you create they are automatically groups accordingly.

One interesting point to note here is that all queries names will begin with initial of 2 letters which helps in classifying a query. For example if you create a query to select data from database then that query will have the mnemonic SQ_ while query to insert data in the database will have the mnemonic IQ_, etc.

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