Create New Page

In the Project Explorer click on the large plus sign button as shown here

This will pop up a menu with three options as shown below.

Here click on the Page option.

This will a Page Info. Dialog as shown here

Here you have to enter: General Information like Page Title, Page File Name (this is a must and the name should always be in lower case and there should not be any space in between), set if you want to show Page Title on page, if the page requires Login, should the page contain Top-bar and Navigation Menu.

If you are going to access data from database then you will have to go to Include Web Services and include the default web service dbconnect.php as shown in the screen here.

Next import setting in this dialog is Parameters. If the page requires parameters when called then such parameters should be defined here. Please check below image.

Final import setting for any page is Actions. At page level all Actions are written in the Initialization Event.

Without any actions no data is loaded in the generate web page. So you will have to define a few actions like loading data in the page, etc. here.

After performing all the settings in this dialog click on the green OK button to create a new page.

ZenDevX will present you with a new blank view.

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